Case Management


"case manager" means a person who provides services related to the coordination of goods or services for which payment is provided by a medical, rehabilitation or attendant care benefit; (SABS as of 2007-06-14)

In practice a serious injury requires a large group of heath practitioners. In serious injury cases there are often several physicians, an occupational therapy, a physiotherapist, a rehabilitation therapist, a speech language pathologist, social worker and or psychologist or counseling interventions needed. It is important that the best treatment team be created for each individual's needs and that communication and planning be coordinated between all involved.

You need a case manager who understands the SABS and can apply those regulations to maximize the rehabilitation of your client. That understanding must include an understanding of the SABS and its related case law. From that understanding the case manager can assist the client in determining what benefits, rehabilitation or medical interventions and or other services and aids are appropriate and needed.

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