Rehabilitation Counselling

Vocational Rehabilitation

The intent of vocational rehabilitation is to assist an injured party return to work in the most appropriate and expeditious manner possible. If the injury and the recovery process is protracted the job the person had prior to the accident is often no longer available to them. The insurer is not responsible for obtaining employment for an individual. The insurer's decision to continue benefits rests on whether the injured person can return to work in their own position or, after the 104 week post accident period, in a position "...for which he or she is reasonably suited by education, training or experience;" (SABS as of 2007-06-14).

Most vocational rehabilitation counsellors follow the decision making model of the hierarchy of return to work. That is, once treatment has progressed to a point where a medical release to return can be obtained, then the return to work of the insured person is determined in the following order;

1) Can the person return to work in their own occupation with their own employer?
2) Can they return to work in an alternate or modified position with their own employer?
3) Can they return to work in their own position with an alternate employer in their own occupation?
4) Can they return to work with the skills and education they have in an alternate position?
5) Do they require retraining or education?

Any return to work must consider personal and vocational characteristics which are noted in the SABS (SABS as of 2007-06-14) as follows; "personal and vocational characteristics" include,

  • employment history,
  • education and training,
  • vocational aptitudes,
  • vocational skills,
  • physical abilities,
  • cognitive abilities, and
  • language abilities;

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