Why do you need a Psychotherapist or Rehabilitation Counsellor after a significant automobile accident or Injury

  • It usually costs nothing to the injured party and costs are often a primary concern to clients. Counselling/psychotherapy interventions are available to you as part of the care you purchased with your auto insurance policy.
  • Smart insurers want you to have support. With the right guidance you’ll be able to give the insurer the information they need to properly deal with your claim. This avoids the frustration that both you and the insurer might face in not being able to get the benefits you need because the right information is not on file to support payment.
  • Being involved in a significant accident is anxiety provoking and it brings many changes to your life. If you can access counselling to help you reduce your anxiety and adjustment issues you will recover faster and experience symptoms in a less extreme manner.
  • Counselling/psychotherapy helps you deal better with family and friends who often don’t understand what you are going through.
  • Rehabilitation counselling/psychotherapy helps you avoid the confusion that often comes with having to deal with a complicated system. Rehabilitation counsellors/psychotherapists can help you understand the process and procedures needed to get the benefits you need to recover.
  • Rehabilitation counselling/psychotherapy helps you access resources to help you normalize life, recover in a faster manner, and if possible stay at work which is almost always to your advantage.
  • Rehabilitation counsellors/psychotherapists understand the claims process and help you avoid unnecessary delays in treatment.
  • Rehabilitation counsellors/psychotherapists work to reduce conflict between you and your insurance companies by providing appropriate information to help all parties involved make decisions that help the entire process.
  • No matter how tough the recovery, things are always easier to deal with when you feel supported. Family members can also usually access care to help everyone with returning to as close to normal as possible.
  • Rehabilitation counsellors/psychotherapists help you combat feelings of isolation, build individualized goals and achieve steps to help you get back to the life you had before the accident happened.

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