Guiding Principles of your auto insurance in relation to the insured person or persons

  • To return the injured party to as close as possible to his/her pre-accident status
  • To allow the insured person in consultation with his/her medical advice, to direct his/her treatment
  • To provided resources for needed medical or attendant care in a timely manner
  • To restore function and activities of normal living
  • To provide, at least partially, for loss of earnings
  • To compensate, when there is an at fault party, for pain and suffering
  • To provide benefits in a timely manner
  • That the insurer, and the insured, act in the utmost good faith, in a fair and an in-deceptive manner

Case Management

"case manager" means a person who provides services related to the coordination of goods or services for which payment is provided by a medical, rehabilitation or attendant care benefit; (SABS as of 2007-06-14)

Psychotherapy Services

Helping people find answers to complex, sometimes overwhelming challenges. Helping clients deal with insurers, and insurers deal with complex cases. Providing psychotherapy / psychological interventions and case management to insurers.

  • Most interventions covered by insurance
  • Individual, couples, adult, adolescents
  • Specializing in cognitive behavioural, solution-focused, and N.L.P. interventions
  • Assistance injury, disability, adjustment issues
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Phobias
  • PTSD

Complex Case Management

  • Brain injury
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Chronic pain and return to work issues
  • Loss of earning capacity reports
  • Cost of future care assessments

Vocational Rehabilitation

  • Assessment (does not include psychometric assessments)
  • Career exploration
  • Job preparation assistance
  • Labour market surveys
  • Job search assistance

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